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mada2's Journal

mada mada translations? なんとなく
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v( ´ ▽ ` ) フェイス!

Welcome to my little corner of translations. Before anything else, please keep in mind that these translations are being done by a total beginner in Japanese language. I have only taken one course, and still heavily rely on kanji dictionary among other references to be able to translate. And, really, the only purpose of these translations is for my own reading pleasure ^^;; I am translating based on how I understand it, and may or may not be how it's supposed to be translated.

That said, these translations are meant to be read with- and never in place of- the original materials. I hope too that in this way, you guys will be encouraged to buy them, so we can all support the artists even just a little bit. (Admittedly, I have done a couple of scanlations before too ^^;; And might continue to do so, but only for special occasions from now on.)

Also, please! Feel free to voice your corrections/suggestions. That will really help a lot and is always much appreciated ♥

Whatever my mada mada skills can offer, enjoy~ ^^;;